LBW's 1930 Cord
LB Walker's 1930 Cord

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There are some who feel that buses from the past were better in both style and character, compared to what is offered today. Below are just some of those many older New England bus images that the Walker Transportation Collection has in its ever growing repository of photos. Please enjoy them.

BERy #1204

This unusual bus did service for the Boston Elevated Railway. Its number is 1204 and the date is sometime in 1931. The destination board is for Central, which could be Central Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and it appears that it might be a Twin Coach, but the exact make and model is not known, nor is the location. Do you know what the make or location might be? If you do, please e-mail us at (Photographer unknown. Walker Transportation Collection)

Find out what kind of bus this is!

EMSRy #3201

Hindsight is always 20/20. During this buses' service life, it was a common sight and taken for granted. Today it is seen as unique in both style and character. This 1957 Mack C47DT was capable of seating forty-four passengers and served the Eastern Massachusetts Street Railway as its number 3201. It is seen in Lynn, Massachusetts in 1965. (Photo by Richard Driscoll. Walker Transportation Collection)

Rapid Transit #37

The Rapid Transit had a small fleet of buses, of which number 37 was a part. It is an ACF and is seen here in Winthrop, Massachusetts on May 17, 1970. (Photo by Richard Driscoll. Walker Transportation Collection)


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